Paid Services Schedule

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018

This schedule outlines the Services offered by Sublytics and the current fees for those Services.  All amounts are in USD unless otherwise noted.

Sublytics classifies its clients in the following tiers according to monthly Gross Revenue.  Clients may change tiers on a month to month basis depending on fluctuations within their business.

  • Start-Up: $25,000 - $99,999
  • Growth: $100,000 - $249,999
  • Scaling: $250,000 - $999,999
  • Enterprise: $1MM - $5MM
  • Custom: $5MM+ 

Sublytics Reporting Application

Description: The base application containing all stock reports, counters and widgets, reporting and customization functionalities, email/text alerts and ability to save reports with electronic delivery capability.

License: 1 Company

Users: Unlimited

Connections: Unlimited, Based on Availability

Fee Type: Prepaid Monthly

Fee Start Date:

  • The day following the 100% syncing of 90 days of past host data for one source (“Initial Backfill”) or stated time periods where Service is provided at no charge or a discount (“Promotion Period”) is the Fee Start Date.
  • The Promotion Period Start Date is the day following the 100% syncing of 90 days of past host data for one source.  During the Promotion Period, 90 days of past data will be available.  At any time, you can purchase and all data will be synced.

Fee Recurring Date:

  • The same numerical day of the month for each subsequent month, or other defined time period unless the Fee Start Date is a day of the month that is not available in the subsequent month; in this case, the last day of the month will be the Fee Recurring Date.  For example, the Fee Start Date is May 31st, 2018.  The next recurring date will be June 30th, 2018 as there is no 31st day of June.

Fee Amount:

  • On the day of the Fee Start Date or any Fee Recurring Date, the preceding 30 Day Gross Revenue value is calculated in Sublytics Reporting Application and compared to the table to determine the amount charged:
    • [Tier Name | Monthly Fee]:
      • Start-Up: $199   
      • Growth: $499
      • Scaling: $999
      • Enterprise: $1,499
      • Custom: Custom Service Order

Fee End Date: Renews until the subscription is terminated according to the Terms of Use. 

Sublytics Tracking Extension - 360 Marketing Optimization

Description: Bridges marketing activity (visits, clicks, device type, channels, targets, demographics, ad spend, etc.) to subscription success metrics such as Customer Lifetime Value and retention rates.  This is accomplished through the use of Sublytics’ generated redirect URLs (‘Trackers’) or Client generated redirect URLs (‘Client Redirects’) that communicate to the Sublytics generated Pixel. Pixels may work in conjunction with or absent of Trackers or Client Redirects.

Fee Type 1: UVR (‘Unique Visitor Records’, or ‘UVR’) per CPM

A UVR is determined by the unique IP address tied to the web activity within your billing period. 

Fee Start Date (Type 1):

UVRs are counted by Trackers or Pixels, accrued monthly and charged on the Sublytics Reporting Application Fee Recurring Date. Any fees payable will start on the following billing cycle. Waived UVRs extend over the life of the account.  Once you exceed the waived UVRs, your account is subject to charges as specified in the table below.

Fee Amount (Type 1):

[Tier Name | CPM (Cost Per 1,000) UVRs |

  • Start-Up: $2.99 (100,000 Waived)
  • Growth: $1.99 (150,000 Waived)
  • Scaling: $1.49 (200,000 Waived)
  • Enterprise: $0.99 (250,000 waived)
  • Custom: Custom

Fee Amount (Type 2): Individual Tracker Domain Registration: $15 / Year

Sublytics Payment Extension - Apple Pay and Google Pay Customized Application

Description: The payment extension adds Apple and Google Pay for merchants on the Shopify platform. 

Fee Type 1: Setup Fee 

Fee Type 2: Percentage of Revenue

Fee Start Date (Type 1): Payment must be submitted prior to production commencement. 

Fee Start Date (Type 2): The transaction fee will be charged on the Sublytics Reporting Application Fee Recurring Date.

Fee Amount (Type 1): $500

Fee Amount (Type 2): 0.50% 

Customized Technology Requests:

Description: Requested features, reports and custom development may be requested and agreed to between the parties.

Fee Amount:

Strategy/Planning: $350/hr

Tech Development/Integrations: $500/hr

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