Search Functionality

All searchable fields have the following rules:


To search multiple items and return all items, use semi-colon [;] 

  • search example: value1;value2
  • return example: value 1 AND value 2


To search multiple items and either items, use comma [,] 

  • search example: value1,value2
  • return example: value 1 OR value 


To exclude a value from the results, use 2 exclamation points [!!] 

  • search example: !!value1
  • return example: everything except value1


To use a prefix, suffix or partial of a value, use asterisk [*] 

  • example1 = *search1 = where field ends in search1
  • example2 = search1* = where field starts with search1
  • example3 = *search1* = where field contains search1
  • example4 = sea*h1 = where field begins with sea and ends with h1


These search rules are able to be combined as well if you would like to advance search:

  • search example: Seasonal*;*Auto*
  • return example: results that start with seasonal, but no results will contain AUTO
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