Dunning Schedules

When a customer declines on a recurring offer, Dunning Schedules can be used to reattempt the transaction. The reattempt can be set to occur on a specific day after the decline, and also set to allow discounts to be used in the reattempt at less that the current amount.

Dunning Schedules are assigned on the Offer level. Discounts are only percentage based.


How to Add a Dunning Schedule

  1. In the Home Menu hover over Processing  
  2. Click Dunning Schedule then + Add New or click on the Schedule you would like to edit
  3. Enter your details 


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Dunning Schedule Details

Name of the Dunning Schedule
If a discount is set on the reattempt and is successful, apply the discount to all future charges
Stop Codes
Gateway Response codes that will bypass the dunning process and cancel the order

Dunning Schedule Cycles

Add cycles to set rules for each reattempt. Within each cycle:

Choose Trigger
What triggers the next reattempt/dunning cycle
Days Since Previous Charge - Reattempt x days following the last attempt
Timeframe - Choose a stock or customer Timeframe to charge. For example: The next Friday
Time of day which the charge is attempted
Discount Percent
Discount off the original attempt price to reattempt the transaction on this reattempt
Customer communication to send if this attempt fails


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