Connecting Your Custom Domain for First Party Ad Tracking

You are able to leverage first party pixel tracking by adding your custom sub domain to a marketing connection within Sublytics. 


1. Create a new Sublytics Marketing connection by navigating to: Connections > Add New >  Sublytics (under Marketing section) and select 'Connect Now.'


2. Name your Connection and select 'Use a Custom Domain' checkbox.

3. Enter your custom sub domain and click Submit. Example: or

Note: This must be a unique domain that is not already pointing to your store; therefore you can't leverage an existing domain that is already in use. Select a sub-domain that does not reference terms like "track" or "counter" which could be blocked by adblockers.



4. Reach out to your Customer Success Rep or email us to confirm the custom tracking domain submitted in step #3.

5. You will be receiving an automated email from AWS for HTTPS verification of domain ownership. You must respond to this email within 72 hours by accepting the request.

Up to eight automated emails are sent to the following addresses:
  • WHOIS listed domain registrant
  • WHOIS listed technical contact
  • WHOIS listed administrative contact
  • administrator@your_domain_name
  • hostmaster@your_domain_name
  • postmaster@your_domain_name
  • webmaster@your_domain_name
  • admin@your_domain_name

You only need to validate from one of the emails.

6. Once we confirm the domain has been validated, we will give you the value that your development team will need in order to set up the CNAME record for that domain.

7. Your development team will need to create the CNAME DNS record for the sub domain submitted from step #3 to be set to the value we give you in the previous step.

8. You are done! This will be active as soon as the DNS records propagate.


Once this has been complete, you will want to place the Sublytics pixel and create Ad Trackers with your new custom domain to begin tracking with a first party pixel.

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