Merchant Group

Merchant Groups will allow you to group specific merchant accounts together. Within the Merchant Group you can enable Gateway Pairing. 

To add a new Merchant Group

Select Processing → Merchant Group → +Add New


Add all associated Merchants into the merchant groups and set the Pairing and Fallback Type. 

Gateway Pairing
When enabled, will force pair the Merchant in group on Subsequent Transactions (if multiple, paired router settings will be applied to the paired merchant).
Fallback Type
If paired merchant is not available, set your fallback type to determine what should happen to the transaction
  • Decline Sale - subsequent transaction will decline
  • Use Router Setting - subsequent transaction will look to the Payment Router setting for charge


Merchant Group 1 has Mid A, Mid B and Mid C and Gateway Pairing is enabled. When a customer comes in and has product A on Mid A, Product B will go on Mid B. If Mid B and Mid C is not available, the subsequent charge will then look at the Fall Back Type.


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