Leverage Sublytics Marketing Analytics

Integrating with Sublytics Marketing Analytics will provide you insights into all of Sublytics data metrics by Marketing Channel, Publisher, Campaign, Ad and more. With this robust tool, you will gain insight into powerful KPI metrics, such as Return on Ad Spend, Cost of Customer Acquisition and Lifetime Value at granular marketing levels.

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Integration consists of five easy steps: 

1. Create your Sublytics Tracking Pixel: The Sublytics Pixel will allow us to collect data insightful to your customer's acquisition path, such as referring domains, device, IP, pages visited and more.  

2. Place your Sublytics Tracking Pixel: You can place the pixel directly into your ecommerce platforms following the step by step guides in our help desk.  


With the Subytics pixel successfully placed, we will be able to report upon site traffic and conversions attributed to referring domains. You will not be able to see specific source, campaign and ad level details until you have updated your tracking links to pass tracking variables through to Sublytics. You will not be able to see Ad Spend until you have integrated your marketing connections.

3. Connect to Marketing PartnersConnecting to your Marketing partners will allow us to tie downstream metrics such as customer lifetime value and retention rates to Ad Spend so that you can see your true return on ad spend and CLV to CAC ratios. 

4. Update your Tracking URLs: Adding unique tracking URLs for all of your marketing traffic will allow us to tie customer data back to conversions attributed to these sources.

5. Add Pixel Filters to Reports: Once your pixel has been placed and is passing data, you will be able to select the specific metrics you would like to see within any of the Sublytics reports. 

Once these steps are complete, you can begin tracking and reporting upon your marketing sources across all Sublytics reports. 

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