Report Tools - Export, Save As and More

Within each report, you are able to customize your experience and engagement with the data by leveraging the following functionality:

  • Export the data into an excel file
  • Create automated Scheduled Reports and Alerts that are emailed or texted to you
  • Create Dashboard Widgets and Counters to add to your dashboards for a high level business snapshot
  • Save As custom reports with the filters and metrics that are most important to your business, so that you don't need to recreate the wheel each time you login

All of our configuration capabilities are under the menu icon in the right corner contained on widgets, counters, dashboards, and reports:


Export Report

This feature can be used to export the data within the report to a CSV file.  Some users may need this functionality if they want to assemble their own data files or keep a static snapshot of data at a specific time.

You can export into two different views:

  • Export Report will export the report as you see it on your screen with the expanded filters as rows
  • Export Report | Filters as Columns will export the report in a data table view with all of the filters displayed as columns. For this view, you do not need to expand the desired rows; all of the filter level data will be included in the export.



View Customers

This feature can be used to export to a CSV file of the customer data for the customers in the current report view. 


Create Schedule

A schedule is an email or text message that can deliver the reporting information on to a user or many users on whatever frequency configured. 


Create an Alert

An alert is an email or text message that is triggered based on a logic condition being met within the data.  For example, an email sent to a customer service manager anytime a package shows a "Return to Sender" delivery status.


Create a Dashboard Widget

A Widget is a visual and/or graphical representation of data that can be assigned to a Dashboard, scheduled as an email/text or both.


Create a Dashboard Counter

A Counter is a visual representation of data that can be assigned to a Dashboard. 


Save As

If you have modified the report and want to have future access to it, then you will want to save it using the Save As feature. Once you save a report, it is considered a "Custom Report."


Edit Report (Custom Report Only)

This option is only available if you're working off of a Custom Report.  A Custom Report is any report where you did a "Save As" to save modifications. 


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