Upgrading from Analyzr


Throughout the years, Analyzr has been a crucial part of subscription based businesses. We received many requests for enhancements, additional metrics and functionality. To provide those requests and more, we have migrated to Sublytics. 


  1. Why Sublytics
  2. Terminology Differences
  3. Report Navigation
  4. New Reports
  5. Billing Management


Why Sublytics

Data Organization

    1. Sublytics organizes data in an enhanced way. Where Analyzr was singular order level, Sublytics organizes and stores in a data hierarchy: 
      • Customer Level
      • Order Level
      • Offer Level
      • Charge Level
      • Shipment Level
    2. Through updated data organization, Sublytics is able to account for new ways of running programs within the CRM. 
      • Bundled Shipments
      • Bundled Products
      • Retention Settings
    3. Sublytics allows you to view aggregate reporting, but also a direct customer view organized with all the customer orders, charges and shipments. 
    4. Sublytics connects with multiple different billing systems. Through uniformed data organized, no matter the connection and how the data is organized (Example: grouping multiple products together in one order vs separate) every report will work exactly as designed. 


Enhanced Reports

With new data organization, Sublytics is able to provide enhanced reporting. Inclusive of reports that Analyzr was unable to provide. 


Additional Features


Terminology Differences

Product Offer Filter
Decline Passive Churn Data Metric
Cancel Active Churn Data Metric
Conversion/Rebill Renewal  Data Metric
Decline Salvage Dunning Data Metric



Report Navigation


Traffic Marketing Website Activity Click to Conversion report tracked through the Sublytics Tracking Pixel
New Acquisition Finance New Sales This report shows the success of new orders created for a certain timeframe. This is inclusive of Auths/Captures and Unique Declines. 
EOT Conversion Subscription First Renewal This report focus’s on the first renewal only.
Subscription Management Subscription Retention

Provide detailed insight into life cycle trends. You will be able to gain insights into the renewal cycles which drive the greatest subscriber activity including churn and skips.

Transactions Finance Sales This report uses the date of sale and ties all adjustments back to that original sale date.
Processing Finance Processing This report uses the date processed and shows all sales & adjustments that occurred for that timeframe.
Fees Finance Sales Review all costs associated to the sale by expanding the view to incorporate cost elements. These cost variables will need to be configured.
Volume Forecasting Finance Revenue Forecasting View all revenue that is scheduled, and the different status’s of that scheduled revenue. This report also incorporates machine learning to determine the likelihood of that scheduled revenue actually converting. ***Not Available when using Retention Settings. 
Shipments Fulfillment  Shipments The Shipping Report will provide insights into the fulfillment of offers from the time the shipment is created to when it's delivered.
LTV Customer Customer Lifetime Value This report shows the value of a set of customers based on the specific acquisition date. You can use this report to view different KPI's that impact your CLV by cohorts such as acquisition source or date, initial or current item purchased and more.
Live Agents Customer Order Activity This report will show you how customers are modifying their orders over time. You can see order updates such as skips, swaps, cancellations and reactivations from a single view.
Refunds     **Across all reports - Use Sales or Processing for equivalent to Analyzr Report
Chargebacks     **Across all reports - Use Sales or Processing for equivalent to Analyzr Report




New Reports

Dunning Finance This report provides insight into the dunning reattempt strategies. Looking at the date of the original attempt and tying all reattempts to that date.
  • What’s my average Recovery Rate for Dunning
  • How many attempts on average does it take to recover
Subscriptions Subscription This report provides information for a subscription grouped by when the initial subscription occurred.
  • What is my Net Revenue per Subscription?
Active Subscriptions Subscription This report details how many active subscribers and customers at a current day or time. 
  • How many of my customers are still Active
Net Subscriptions Subscription This report details the change in active subscriptions by showing a net gain or loss figure from new and churned subscriptions. 
  • Is my business regularly growing its subscriber base
Cancellations Subscription This report details the type of cancellations that occurred within a specific time frame
  • When are people cancelling?
  • Why are they cancelling?
Inventory Forecasting Fulfillment This report looks at each individual item scheduled to be shipped. Inclusive of scheduled transactions that are not yet successful.
  • How much inventory do I need for next month
Tracking Fulfillment The Tracking Report will provide insights into the fulfillment of offers from the time the shipment is shipped to when it's delivered.
  • How many shipments went out this week
  • Used more if fulfill in batches vs daily shipments would use the Shipments report
Prepaid Shipments Fulfillment This report looks specifically at Prepaid Offers to monitor the shipments attached to those Prepaid purchases. 
  • How many Prepaid Shipments are still Active
AdSpend Marketing  This report connects to Facebook & Google marketing spends, pulls in data from those connections to attach spend to a customer throughout their lifetime to give an understanding of Adspend relevant to Value.
  • What is my Return on Adspend
  • What Marketing Channels have the highest CLV
Transactional Responders** Marketing    
API Log** Other    
Route Log** Other    


**CRM Users Only



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