Adding Cost of Goods Sold

Gain insights into your profitability by including COGs across all of your revenue reports in Sublytics.


Get started by adding in your item costs, which will reflect as the Cost of Goods Sold on reports. This metric combines with your Ad Spend and Fees (Chargeback, Processing and Alert) to create the total Cost of Revenue, in order to calculate your profit margin. These metrics are specifically highlighted on the CLV, Sales & Subscriptions report. 


Adding your COGS is done on the Item level within your Store Setup: Navigate to Store Setup > Inventory > Items



If you are adding a new item, the cost field will be located under the Item Details section:



If you are editing an existing item, click into the item you would like to edit and the cost section will be located under Item Details:



If your item has option variants with unique costs, you will need to add the cost at the Item Options SKU level. If there is no cost assigned to the unique Option level SKU, then the cost will default to the Item.



Once the COGs have been added to the Item, you will begin to see this data pulled into your reports immediately. To confirm that this has been updated correctly, navigate to the Analytics > Finance > Sales report and set the View By filter to: Item. Then select the the Net Revenue, Cost of Revenue and Profit metrics from the Custom Metrics dropdown field to ensure that they are populating correctly.



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