Data Hierarchy

Within Sublytics there is a hierarchy of data mapping. This allows flexibility for the end user to setup their program custom to them, without implementing custom dev or workarounds. 


Highest Level of the data hierarchy.
Email, phone, address and card data are stored on the Customer Record
An Order is a record that ties the Customer to the goods/services (Items) that they purchased and the billing schedule (Offer) those Items are sold for.
  • An Order contains Offers, or the line item of the purchase. One order can contain one Offer or multiple Offers
  • These Offers determine the billing schedule: a one-time purchase, a subscription or a combination of both, within that Order.
Order Offer
An Order Offer is the individual line item that is part of the overall Order.
This line item (Offer) determines what Item is shipped, price of that item and how often a charge and shipment are scheduled
Offer Cycle
An Offer Cycle is each subsequent transaction scheduled per Order Offer.
Example - if the Order Offer is a recurring subscription, as an offer cycle is successfully completed a new scheduled offer cycle is created for the next renewal.
A Charge is the overall payment transaction of the Order
This is what the consumer will see reflect on their credit card statement
A singe Charge can contain multiple offers
Item(s) being shipped to the customer
Note: Through configuration, multiple orders can be sent as one shipment. More info here.


Here is an example structure of a Customer's path, the Status relates to the status of the Customer. For a full definition of all status's here. 

In this example, the customer has 1 Order containing Multiple Order Offers that are Recurring and One Time. This equates into 1 charge and 1 shipment.

In the example, there are also additional Order Offer Cycles and Shipments Scheduled, based on the schedules set within the Offer. This allows for multiple subscriptions within a single order.  



Example 1: A single, One Time Offer: 


Screen_Shot_2022-05-04_at_1.52.16_PM.pngExample 2: A single, Recurring Offer: Screen_Shot_2022-06-02_at_9.37.43_AM.png

Example 3: One Order with a Subscription and a One Time Offer:



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